Light House

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Embark on a scented journey with our Light House Fragrance Oil, a captivating blend designed to evoke the freshness of a coastal escape. This aromatic concoction combines the allure of citrus brightness with the comforting embrace of fruity richness, offering a delightful olfactory experience reminiscent of a seaside haven. At its peak, the invigorating essence of Green, Citrus, and Apple converge, painting a vivid picture of sun-drenched orchards by the sea, infusing the air with an uplifting zest. In its heart, the succulent sweetness of Melon intertwines with the soft allure of Violet, creating a harmonious melody that evokes the tranquility of a gentle ocean breeze.  Grounded in its base, the luscious notes of Raspberry, Peach, and Woody undertones form a foundation of depth and warmth, adding a touch of fruity opulence to the coastal symphony. Indulge in the evocative and refreshing aura of Light House Fragrance Oil, a versatile elixir that captures the essence of a coastal retreat, enveloping any space with a sense of revitalizing citrus brightness and  comforting fruity richness.

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