Lavender Lemon

Size: 16.9 oz
Sale price$79.00 USD


Description: Discover the harmonious blend of zesty freshness and soothing floral notes encapsulated in our Lavender Lemon Essential Oil. A fusion crafted to evoke tranquility and invigorating brightness, marrying the essence of Lemon and Lavender in a symphony of delightful aromas. At its apex, vibrant bursts of Lemon and Orange intermingle with the calming essence of Lavender, creating a citrusy-floral bouquet that enlivens the spirit and promotes relaxation. Nestled in its heart, the woody tones of Pine harmonize with delicate Florals and the warmth of Tonka Bean, infusing a sense of depth and natural serenity. Its base unfolds with a comforting embrace of Musk, Caramel, and Vanilla, leaving a soft, lingering trail that combines citrus brightness with the sweetness of vanilla and the grounding musk. Indulge in the calming yet revitalizing embrace of Lavender Lemon Essential Oil, a versatile elixir that brings together the invigorating zest of Lemon, the soothing touch of Lavender, and the comforting warmth of vanilla, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and revitalization.


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